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In order to insure a successful learning of the French language, our courses focus on a task oriented methodology revolving around communication.

Our teachers only speak in French and emphasize exchanges as well as the discovery of a new culture thanks to various activities and documents. Our team is careful to adapt to the learning pace and needs of each student. We consider that quality of learning is brought about by trust, conviviality and communication.
Our classes cover all skill levels from complete beginner to experienced user (A1 to C1).

You can choose intensive or extensive courses and whether you prefer morning or evening classes.

We offer a wide range of services in combination with your classes, such as our well-equipped mediatheque and a choice of numerous cultural events (exhibitions, conferences, film screenings, concerts and various educational and cultural workshops for a young audience as well as adults).

For more information about our French courses please contact our course Manager, Roxane Lombardo:
Tel : + 972 (0)2628 24 51


05 oct. / 30 nov. - Jerusalem - Chateaubriand


COURS DE CONVERSATION EN ARABE À L’INSTITUT FRANÇAIS ‬pour niveaux débutants et avancés début des cours : jeudi 5 octobre 2017‭.‬ Ce cours utilise l’approche communicative des langues, ‬basée sur l’apprentissage interactif‭, ‬grâce aux jeux de rôles et discussions en groupe‭. Réunion d’information : pour débutants :jeudi 5 octobre à 18h00, pour avancés: jeudi 5 octobre à…Lire la suite >